Lichtbandsystem DIAMANT FIT für den Einsatz in Lichtbandsysteme diverser Hersteller


DIAMANT FIT G4 is a highly efficient retrofit system (up to 169 lm/W) for the plug & play replacement of the device carriers (lights) of existing light strip systems of various brand manufacturers (renovation of existing light strip systems).

The luminaires are adapted to the respective system lengths (T8 and T5) and plug systems of the brands Trilux E-Line, Regiolux SDT, Siteco DUS, Ridi VLT, Fluolite TRX, Philips MAXOS and TTX, Veko PNR and Zumtobel ZX2. Other branded systems are available on request.

The DIAMANT FIT G4 retrofit system is suitable for a wide range of applications with 7 different optics. The new TIR lens arrays with 90°, 60°, 30°, 25° asymmetrical left/or right and double asymmetric radiation achieve very good glare values, even with 90° UGR values 22 can be achieved.<

The device carriers are equipped with very durable control units (Tridonic EXC or PRE, 100,000 operating hours) and can be adjusted via a small box via dip switch in 8 power levels from 16 – 68 W (max. 10,000 lm). This means that the luminous flux can also be adjusted retrospectively in the field at any time.

In the version with 120° beam angle (polycarbonate cover), the retrofit luminaires have the impact resistance class IK10 and are suitable for use in industry, logistics and trade.

The standard EXC driver can be dimmed via ready2mains even with a 5-pin through wiring (max. 400 VA on with a feed-in). A wide range of colour temperatures 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 > K and 6500 K (each CRI 80, special colours e.g. 3500 K on request) as well as the optional Tridonic PRE driver with DALI and Constant Lumen output complete the DIAMANT FIT G4 product line.

Variants with switchover for central battery systems or single battery (3 h) are available on request.

Available in:


Trilux E-Line

Regiolux SDT

Siteco DUS

Ridi VLT

Fluolite TRX

Philips MAXOS / TTX

Veko PNR

Zumtobel ZX2


3000 K

4000 K

5000 K

6500 K


16 – 68 W



90 °

60 °


25° SA

25° DA