SCOPE R is a extendable round LED recessed downlight for ceiling installation for functional and architectural lighting with dimensions of 159×113 mm and 190×141 mm respectively. The light steering of the SCOPE R series is directly beam-symmetrical and is based on the OC2 technology of the Lifa with innovative combination of reflectors (25°, 40°, 55°) and various apertures. The replacement of reflectors and apertures is easy due to the OC2 technology. Tool-free installation simplifies the installation of scope R downlights.

All standard light colors (830, 835, 840, 850) already > have a high color rendering value of CRI 85, > a very good color consistency of 2 SDCM and an enormous service life of L90 50.0000 h. In addition, various special colours are available e.g. for food, fashion and hospitality (927, 832C, 935B, 820M).

The downlights can be combined with a range of drivers, all of which are adjustable in terms of performance and can be controlled via DALI-2, 1-10V, switchDIM, ready2mains or wireless via Casambi if required.

All this makes the series of SCOPE R built-in downlights a versatile lighting tool for general lighting, e.g. in the areas of office, education as well as healthcare and special lighting, e.g. for retail, hospitality, museum.

Available in:


R159: 9 – 27W

R190: 14 – 42W


2000 K

2700 K

3000 K

3200 K

3500 K

4000 K

5000 K


Efficiency: up to 133 lm/W

Beam angle: 25°, 40°, 55°

Protection class III

Type of protection: IP20

Data Sheet & Photometric Data:

Bezeichnung |
Abmessungen (mm)Leistung (W)AbstrahlwinkelLichtfarbe (K)Photometrische Daten
SCOPE R159MØ159 x113 mm9 - 27 W25° (UGR<19)
40° (UGR<19)
GH36d-AbhängigSCOPE R159M
SCOPE R190MØ190 x141 mm14 - 42 W25° (UGR<19)
40° (UGR<19)
GH36d-AbhängigSCOPE R190M

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